“Nobody plans to fail, but most fail to plan” – that’s how you can rewrite – or even explain – the daily stress of time management and task management.

Appointments determine the daily routine for most people, regardless of whether they have to organise a family, a small business or a department. And all too often things get mixed up, something is forgotten or there seems to be too little time for everything. However, this daily stress is not a natural law that cannot be shaken. With a few tricks and a little rethinking, your day can be much more relaxed and effective. Today we give you 5 priceless tips on how to make the most of your calendar and avoid time-consuming mistakes.

1. Not every calendar suits every life

If you don’t have a photographic memory (which is probably true for most of us), you will hardly be able to avoid using a diary. Many who use digital offerings, can be reminded to organize themselves via an online calendar. A good way to keep track of time while working on your computer. However, an electronic calendar is not ideal for all life situations. Paper simply always works – which is unfortunately not the case with technical devices. Regardless of power, technical malfunctions and data loss, the paper calendar is always ready for quick notes. Therefore, in spite all the modernity, it is advisable to rely on a paper calendar, at least in addition.


And which calendar makes my planning perfect? There is no golden way. For example, larger groups such as families and office departments often have to coordinate appointments and need to plan a clear and visible way of planning. A large Wall calendar is a good place to put your son’s soccer training, your daughter’s doctor’s appointment, Aunt Kofo’s birthday or all your colleagues’ holiday appointments in the office. If you only want to have one month in view, it is best to plan with a table calendar. Minute-based planning, many appointments and important deadlines require a detailed, structured calendar such as a table calendar. From the comfort of your home, you can go online to find lovely ones at Print Magic and they can be custom made for you.

2. Everything in its place

Why should you only stubbornly enter your appointments in a calendar if you can do much more? Additional notes, notes and to-do lists can be used to pen down appropriate contact data, write your travel dates for the away dates for the away date in the calendar or write down your further to-dos for the day. Following this process can help appointments of the day and other important tasks to be remembered and achievable. We clearly recommend: not everything in its place for a better handle on things. Like clockwork, you can visit the Print Magic site and have a view of the appropriate materials to help successfully plan your calendar.


3. Plan for stress absorption

Each calendar is neatly divided into rows and columns. This means that if each appointment has its own box and all boxes are filled with appointments, everything is perfectly organized and maximum effective. Unfortunately wrong! Reality doesn’t play along with that. No matter how exactly you plan your appointments, something’s always taking longer. So do not fill in every blank spot with tasks, but install buffers. Too tight timing is the most reliable recipe for pure stress.

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