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Graphic Design and Printing capabilities

Our customers include Small and Middle Class Business Owners, Advertising, marketing and public relations companies, publishers and media companies, Educational institutions, business enterprises, financial companies and entrepreneurs. We provide end-to-end printing solutions from excellent graphic design to prepress and print production on computer-aided high-speed presses to give you quick turnaround and outstanding quality.

Our range of printing capabilities:

  • Business and Corporate Printing Communications
  • Books, Stationery, business cards, brochures, cards and presentations
  • Binding, embossing and hot foil finishing
  • Direct marketing communications
  • Presentations , mailers, calendars
  • Pop-ups, canvas, wall stickers using the most environmental-friendly methods
  • New: ribbon printing, wall papers: any design, any size
  • Trade journals, Financial documents and annual reports
  • College projects and Term papers
  • business cards and lots more

Pre- press Production

The digital file to be printed is converted to plates. A different plate is used for each of the primary colours (black, cyan (blue), magenta (red), and yellow). Offset printing is also known as four-colour printing although there are many colours in the final output.

The plates are scanned and the data saved on a micro cassette which becomes the “master”

The master is used to determine the quantity of ink to be released during printing according to pre-set values.

Offset Printing

Print Magic offers excellence in offset lithography which is more cost-effective for large-volume print runs. Several processes are involved in offset printing and Print Magic’s expertise and quality control plays a vital role in the superiority of the printed output.


Print Magic has the equipment to provide a number of binding options – from budget to exclusive. Depending on your requirements, we advise you on the best binding for your book, booklet, presentation folder or brochure. Your book cover creates the first impression of your book. Make it a good one! We offer ring binding, comb binding, thermal binding, saddle-stitch binding and perfect binding options to match your requirements.

Comb or wire coil binding Comb, wire or coil binding uses many small plastic teeth that close around small holes and hold the paper together, with a piece of metal threaded through the holes. This provides a semi-permanent binding solution.

Thermal binding

When large documents need permanent binding, thermal binding is the answer. Using extreme heat, (thermal) a heavy strip of cloth is affixed to the edge of the paper. Thermal binding provides a very clean look and feel and allows the open book to lay flat.

Saddle-stitch binding

Smaller books with paper folded in half are bound by saddle stitching or stapling that holds several sheets together. Saddle-stitch binding gives a professional and sleek look to your document, is very cost effective. It is used for catalogues, presentations, manuals, booklets, catalogs, reports and proposals and gives the appearance of a booklet.

Perfect binding

Perfect binding is good for large books like telephone directories or novels with several pages. After an outer cover is placed around the pages of the book, the pages are attached to the cover by an adhesive. Perfect binding gives a neat and clean appearance.


Print Magic can provide embossing and hot foil stamping to make your cover more impressive.

Embossing provides an elegant 3-D look to image or text

Embossing gives added value, individuality and shelf presence to a book

Combined with hot foil stamping, an embossed image can be given touches of gold leaf or other foil. Embossing results in classy invitations, business cards, stationery, book covers, brochures, and can be done on paper, metal foil, fabric and other substrates

Print Magic provides same-day embossed printing on readily available high-quality paper stock. Print Magic has embossing facilities that help you add a classy 3-D effect to your design. Two metal dies are pressed together during embossing printing to raise the image or text above the paper or substrate and give the effect of a three-dimensional relief. Embossing can be combined with hot foil stamping to give the raised portion touches of gold leaf or other foil through heat transfer.


Hot foil printing in a variety of colours like gold leaf or marbleized green Creative and elegant touch to invitations, book covers, business cards, presentation folders, brochures, leather photograph album covers, and more same-day printing on readily available high-quality paper stock including FSC certified 100% recycled paper

Print Magic’s hot foil imprinting capabilities make it possible to produce a shiny design on paper, leather, cloth, hard plastic or other materials. The heated dies in the hot foil stamping equipment presses foil against the substrate and the result is a beautiful impression of the foil leaf, which comes in a range of colours like gold leaf or marbleized green in matte or gloss finish. Hot foil stamping provides depth to an image and when combined with embossing the result is even more dimensionality. The image stands out above the page and can be given a curved or sculpted look.

With hot foil stamping, creative designs can be printed on business cards, wedding invitations, book covers, presentation folders, brochures, catalogues and many other materials, giving them a classy appearance. Our graphic designers are expert in designing with hot foil stamping in mind, and our print production team ensures that you get the very best results.

UV Spot Printing

Why UV Spot Printing?

UV Spot Printing gives a very unique and attractive look to business cards giving your business card an amazing appearance and feel. Personalize your printing need as this method can be used on company logos, person name tags, or company paperwork.

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